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O Melhor lugar para o seu investimento.


Properties sell

203 THOUSAND Hectares in the South of Pará
closed gate


The banks of the Araguaia River

• dams
• Several springs

140,000 Hectares - MT

87 masonry houses with 100 m² for employees, 1 canteen, 1 cafeteria, 4 accommodations for employees, 3 sheds for machinery, 2 sheds for food, 3 complete workshops, 1 scale 80 ton., 1 silo (22,000 sacks), 1 supply (fuel), 13 retreats, 13 hoses, and much more.

59 Bushels in Agudos -SP

All form in pasture, weir, light wavy topography, 100% tractorable, all fenced in 5-wire smooth wire, no improvements.

Documentation in perfect order.

Value: BRL 50,000 per alq. 

Paranaita MT 1.jpeg

01 /

Farm in Agudos- SP

18 bushels

excellent deal

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