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Lands and Farms I

Alto da Boa Vista - MT

TOTAL AREA: 39,000 Hectares. 

Planted area - 7,000 ha.

Pasture area formed - 6,000 hac.

Complete and totally new structure, warehouse for 1,090,000 bags.

Machinery shed - 15,000 m².

Complete and new accommodation.

Several new houses for employees.

Office, main house, cafeteria, gas station, landing strip with 1,300 mts. Complete structure for livestock. Documentation in perfect order.

BRL 700 million.

Juara - MT

WITH A TOTAL AREA OF 2,085 hectares

Open area 2,085 ha.

Cultivation land, very high fertility, 0% acidity.

Agriculture 50% suitable for soy - 70% rice and corn.

Excellent pasture (80% mombasa), capacity for + 8 heads per alq.

80 pasture divisions, feedlot for +  2,500 heads, complete hose with trunk and scales.

Dam across the farm.

16 food courts.

Headquarters with 350 m².

Accommodation, cafeteria, workshop, shed for machinery with metallic structure and concrete floors, energy and telephone.

Fence with 5 and 6 strands of smooth wire.

Silo with a capacity of 16,000 bags, which can be expanded to 50,000 bags.

Rainfall 2,000 to 2,200 mm/year.

Altitude 270 mts.

Documentation in perfect order.

Amount: R$ 80. million - down payment and balance in 2 years.


WITH TOTAL AREA OF 4,194 HAC         

        OPEN AREA - 2,500 HAC.   

  Being 1,500 ha. in soybeans at 3 years, and 1,400   ha being prepared for the   planting.

  Value: R$ 78,000 million.

  Conditions: entry + 2 years.

  Documentation in perfect order.



 30 km from the city and 9 km from the ground. 50% open, formed in pasture but dirty, cultivated land.

Documentation in perfect order.

Value: R$ 6,000 million - below market value, great opportunity.

Farm in Agudos-SP

18 bushels _ all in pasture - all fenced - No improvements - light undulating land tractorable. Documentation in order.


Price R$ 150,000.00 a bushel.

Farm in Águas de Santa Bárbara-SP

40 bushels in braquiária pasture - a main house (needs renovation), caretaker's house, shed, dam, all fenced, flat, documentation in order.


Price R$ 6,800,000.00 - study proposal. 

Area in the South of Minas Gerais
Pure Nature

7 bushels

Beautiful area in the south of Minas Gerais.

no improvements

BRL 1,800,000.00


Area 124,000 m2 - Bauru

Excellent location, area  commercial for any activity, also for condominium, subdivision, etc... .

Farm in Agudos-SP

41 bushels _ all in pasture - all fenced - No improvements - light undulating land tractorable. Documentation in order.


Price R$ 150,000.00 a bushel - price below market value.

Farm Mato Grosso and Pará
600 bushels in São Paulo

Mato Grosso 200 bushels

For 400 bushels

Main house in Pará, shed, for machinery and corral.

6 pasture divisions with running water and corridor.

Electricity produced on the farm through a turbine installed on the property's dam.

40 km from the city of Paranaita (MT), and 100 km from the city of Jacareacanga (PA)

Value: BRL 12,000,000.00

Call to  (14) 99801-8045
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